Vray Exposure Tool


A tool for tuning the color mapping in V-ray. The script renders only once. After that it works like post effect so you have interactive update of the scene without need to render again. Works ONLY with linear color mapping, exponential and reinhard .

1.43 Update:

  • Added “render” button, the script won’t render at startup
  • Added option “show vfb”
  • Added option “Optimize render”

1.41 Update:

  • Working with 32bit floating point bitmaps
  • Reinhard color mapping added (not 100% correct)
  • Gamma correction added
  • Some code fixed
  • added sRGB button – just like VFBs sRGB button
  • progress bar when rendering at the beginning

tested on: 3dsmax 2008, 3dsmax 2010, 3dsmax 2012

installation: Drag-n-drop in 3ds Max. Find the script in “Blago Script” category